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Nora's "Hanji Box" Scouting Reel
Nora's Hanji Box Scouting Reel

On two separate research trips to Korea, producer we scouted locations for each scene in the film. These are some of the images and sounds I recorded. When I returned to the US, they became a treasure trove and memory bank of images, both to help plan the shooting of the film and to inspire us and keep the project alive as we continue to develop the project. In it you will see some of the locations we hope to use, and the painter, Moon Bong Sun, whose amazing ink wash paintings we plan to use in the film


Amy, Jane and Nora at the Pusan Film Festival

Writer/director Nora Jacobson and producer Jane Applegate returned to the U.S. on Oct. 13 after spending nearly a month in Korea. We are extremely grateful to the Seoul Film Commission, which paid for our location scouting trip and arranged guest passes to the Pusan Film Festival. (See photos below).

In addition to providing invaluable location scouting support and information, the SFC has accepted our application for production financing and has pledged to provide at least $100,000 in funding after we finish shooting in Seoul. We met with the top executives of the Seoul Film Commission as well as two members of the Seoul city government, which provides the production reimbursements.

We signed Baek Yun-shik, one of Korea’s top actors, to play Jung Tae Hee, the painter who falls in love with Hannah. Baek is considered the Robert Redford of Korea…He’s handsome, charming and versatile. If you want to see some of his recent work you can rent “Save The Green Planet,” and “The President’s Last Bang,” on

We are in final discussions with Yunjin Kim, co-star of ABC’s “Lost” to play Yeon Oak, Hannah’s interpreter.

A new producer joins Fire Circle Films:

Our newest co-producer, Amy Lo, met us in Korea to focus on financing and distribution. She set up dozens of meetings in Pusan and made tremendous progress…stay tuned for more details on our global distribution strategy.

Lo, who produced “Planet B-Boy” a documentary about break-dancing around the world, is a phenomenal addition to our team. She is a fantastic party crasher and got us into the hottest parties at the film festival.

Charlie Lee, Seoul Film Commission location scout and Nora Jacobson, Writer/Director

support letterSupport Letter from the Seoul Fillm Commission — click for full size image